Magical days on the way to Snoqualmie Sept. 11-14

The end is getting so close.
Some of the best parts of Washington have been what grows out of the stumps of old trees.
The clouds have also been fantastic.
Mt. Rainier and some more remarkable clouds.
We’ve been spotting Rainier for days and are now finally in the National Park. Not pictured here is haunting yet beautiful bugling of the elk.
Taking a quick look back at where we’ve been.
One of the last looks at Rainier as we continue the march north.
Taking refuge from the rain at the Mike Urich cabin. At dusk, we caught a herd of elk passing through the meadow.
I’ll never look at Friday the 13th same. Trail magic one…
And three!
Made it to I90 and Snoqualmie Pass. Depending on how you do the math, I’m also 90% of the way there.

Goat Rocks Wilderness to White Pass Sept. 9-10

Cold, wet and happy as I head into Goat Rocks.
The clouds were attempting to break and give us some views.
We decided to camp early in the hopes that the sky would be clearer the next day. I had to get up in the middle of the night and was treated to this view.
Another cold morning but the clouds did clear a bit as we passed through Goat Rocks.
A beautiful cloud sandwich.
Season Pass coming up the trail.
The rain continued to taunt us as we made our way to White Pass. Unfortunately, we were not fast enough and got soaked in the last mile.
Drying things out because…
…everything is wet.

Washington boarder to Trout Lake Sept. 6-8

Beautiful Washington forest. Really loving the forest.
Fighting over the last brownie from my cousin Elizabeth.
Drying a few things out during lunch.
Troublesome looking clouds in Trout Lake.
So glad to be in town and under a roof for this storm. Lots of rain, lighting and nickle sized hail.
A huckelberry breakfast at the Trout Lake Cafe.
Memorial for Colors who died on trail about two weeks before our arrival.
Hawk soaring over Mt. Adams.

To the end of OR Aug 31 – 5th

Mt. Jefferson hanging out behind Olallie Lake which has a no motorboat policy like the BWCA.
Yup. Still on it.
Mini Crater Lake – so clear and blue!
Stay frosty, Big Foot danger is high.
Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood. It may look familiar if you’ve seen The Shining.
The mighty Columbia River and Washington. Look out here I come!
Hiker Hangout at Thunder Island Brewery. Celebrating the end of Oregon.
I made it….to Cascade Locks!
Bridge of the Gods.

(As of posting this I’m now in Trout Lake mile 2229)

Bend OR and beyond Aug 28th – 30th

Sunset on the Deschutes River after saying a tentative goodbye to the tramily.
Sooo many good breweries so little time. Silver Moon was one of my favorites.
Breakfast at the Breakfast Club.
One does not simply walk through Mordor.
Majestic Mt. Washington.
Big Lake Youth Camp was super generous to the hiker community and I even met another fellow Minnesotan.
Sunrise over the ridge.

August 26-27th

Lama on the loose!
This hair is getting out of control.
South Sister.
North Sister (trying to point at it), Middle brother, and Middle Sister. I couldn’t get the whole family in one shot.
Presidential Range is now in sight.
Dee Wright Observatory – a CCC project.
View of a couple of the Sisters from the Observatory.
How many hikers can you fit in a Mini Cooper.

Mile 1935 August 23 – 25

Once again, it is all downhill from here.
Life is beautiful.
Saw my first bear of the trip and this is the only evidence I have.
Hoodlum on the rails.
I haven’t seen them in three days but the tramily reunites at Shelter Cove.
Quite the collection of gnomes in front of one of the RV’s at Shelter Cove.
Be nice…
Oregon seems to have a lot of lakes that Minnesotans would call ponds. This one excluded.
Dinner time.

A call for poems

Through this whole trek I have walked without listening to any music or podcasts which is an oddity out here. Almost everyone is plugged in to thier phone while walking. But stubborn me wants to keep it up and so to help entertain myself I recently started to memorize poems. If you have any poems you particularly like or think I would enjoy send them my and I’ll add them to the list!

Early Oregon Aug 17th – 19th

Catching those early morning rays.
Gifts from home ❤️ not sure what to do with so much candy!
Still trying to find my glass slipper. This is pair number 4. The running store in Ashland was quite helpful.
Leaving a bit a magic for the tramily.
I decided to hike the .5 off trail for water and lunch under this bridge.
Everyday getting a little bit closer.
Oregon has volcanoes too!
Reminds me of Northern MN.